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Wedding Party

People of Distinction

Our Dear Ones

In lieu of a wedding party, we have chosen to recognize members of our family, born and chosen, who have loved and nurtured us and our union. These People of Distinction are:

Mary Chris Semrow, Mother of the Groom

Steve Hyde, Stepfather of the Groom

Terry Tarantelli-Louison, Mother of the Bride

Peter Louison, Father of the Bride

Caroline Williams, Sister of the Groom

Anna Bulger, Sister of the Groom

Jarrett Williams, Brother in Law of the Groom

Carly Louison, Sister of the Bride

Will Louison, Brother of the Bride

Taylor Louison, Sister in Law of the Bride

Claire Pelham, Cousin of the Bride

Joe Clegg, Cousin of the Bride

Nancy Baylis, Godmother of the Bride

Carol McCarthy, Godmother of the Groom

Nancy Klosteridis, Dear Friend of the Couple

Haley Campbell, Dear Friend of the Couple

Nick Dolan, Dear Friend of the Groom

Andy Scott, Dear Friend of the Groom

Sean Randall, Dear Friend of the Groom

Adrienne O'Connor, Dear Friend of the Bride

Devon Mulligan, Dear Friend of the Bride